Since its kick-off in April 2004, the Do 24ATT has flown to over 90 destinations worldwide to generate support for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) programs on child education, protection and awareness, and promote the Philippines as an ideal tourist destination.

The tour is also Iren Dornier’s way of paying tribute to his grand- father, aviation pioneer Claude Dornier, by retracing a part of the route made by the latter during his Dornier Do-X world tour.

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Welcome to our new Sponsor: Sennheiser Aviation

Sennheiser Aviation



We are very proud to announce our new Sponsor. Sennheiser Aviation provide us their new Headsets S1 DIGITAL for our future flights.

The S1 DIGITAL aviation headset incorporates the latest in digital technology. Featuring NoiseGard™ / digital noise compensation and excellent passive noise attenuation, the headset is currently the only one on the market that provides optimum protection against cockpit noise over the entire frequency range. The S1 DIGITAL has been designed for use in noisy propeller aircraft and helicopters.
Audio quality and operating comfort
The name Sennheiser has been synonymous with top-quality audio for more than 65 years. And the S1 Digital is no exception. It not only offers the best sound quality for cockpit communication, it also offers superior sound when used for listening to music. The headphones have a frequency response of 20 to 16,000 Hz. Using a Bluetooth interface on the control unit, the headset can be connected for example to an MP3 player, a computer or a mobile phone. “To bring out the best from the different audio sources, the headset has two separate audio mixers for communication and music,” said Jörg Buchberger. “The ATC signal and mobile phone are reproduced with a narrower band for high speech intelligibility, whereas music is played with a broader bandwidth to provide an excellent sound experience during the flight.”
External devices are conveniently controlled via an intuitive interface. If the mobile phone rings, the music is interrupted, an LED on the control unit flashes and the pilot is given an additional audio signal in the headphones. Calls are taken simply by pushing a button. The ATC signal is always given priority. If Bluetooth and NoiseGardTM / digital are used simultaneously, the headset has an operating period of more than 25 hours.
The design of the headset was developed by Sennheiser in cooperation with BMW Group Designworks USA. Special emphasis was placed on functional details that positively influence the flying experience. A completely new feature is the headset’s individually adjustable contact pressure. “Pilots can now adjust the contact pressure of the ear cups in three stages between five and seven newtons. This enables them to find the perfect balance between a comfortable fit and optimum passive noise attenuation,” explained Jörg Buchberger. Also new are the ear cushions with a soft, flexible zone for the temple arms of glasses to provide extra comfort when wearing (sun) glasses. The design is rounded off by the attractive shape of the headband and ear cups that is reminiscent of the sweep of a wing.
The S1 Digital headset comes complete with a carrying case, a belt clip, a windshield, a cable clip, a user’s manual and a quick-reference guide.