Mission: DREAM

It was not long before the first leg of the Do 24ATT world tour was completed. Although it was only half of the dream coming true, it proved to be exceptionally gratifying for those who were part of the DREAM, especially for those who have benefited in its cause. The first part of the MISSION has impressively raised a generous amount of USD 61,000 which was donated to PHILIPPINE UNICEF programs on child education, protection and awareness. Among other funds were donated to UNICEF in Germany. After the impassioned turn-out of the first leg, Iren Dornier and his team will reach greater heights by flying to complete the second half of the tour, this time covering the United States, South America and South East Asia. This time, the MISSION has expanded even further by not only promoting child education, protection and awareness but has amplified into achieving a significant objective of empowering the youth so that they will be inspired and motivated to reach for their own DREAMS. MISSION: DREAM will also serve as an INSPIRATION to people all over the world towards the achievement of their own individual dreams, increasing AWARENESS on charity and benevolence, and the promotion of BEAUTY and GRACE across all nations.